Isabella Aurora is a visual and conceptual artist. With an interdisciplinary practice, she uses digital performance, painting, drawing and muralism as tools to talk about Latin American cosmognies, the coexistence of the human and the non-human, migratory displacement and ancestrofuturism.

Seeing and breathing painting as a heterotopia, she applies the will to depict the vital presence of being in her figurative portraiture, a to embody the ineffable. The artist dialogues with the history of painting through the use of raw pigment and shapes the image like the early painters, symbolically seeking a possible reconstruction of meaningful traditions deconstructed in neoliberal western society.

The artist has a degree in painting from the School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro, and continues her studies at EAV – Parque Lage, from where she follows a bilateral exchange with Ensad in Paris. She has been present since 2013 in exhibitions and performances in Brazil, Portugal, Germany, France and Belgium, and has participated since 2014 in a series of residencies, worksessions and conferences centered in the connection between ancient and contemporary times critically reimagined through technology.