Isabella Aurora is a brasilian artist currently living in Paris whose body of work combines the means of painting, performance and installation to create a contemporary discussion re-imagining technology and alchemy as augmented notions and ultimate instruments for transformation. 

Isabella has a BA from the Painting department of the Rio de Janeiro School of Fine Arts, in the bosom of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where she graduated in the year of 2017 having participated in the school’s fifth Biennale. From within the disciplines of painting and drawing she discovered the urge to mesh multiple mediums in her artistic practice in a way to make art in the service of the ever living, ever breathing human cognition. 

She proceeded to study in the Visual Arts school of Parque Lage (EAV – Parque Lage) and completed one year of exchange in the Master section of the Art and Space department of the School Of Decorative Arts (EnsAD), in Paris. She has been present since 2013 in exhibitions and performances in Brazil, Portugal, Germany, France and Belgium, and has participated since 2014 in a series of residencies, worksessions and conferences centered in the connection between ancient and contemporary times critically reimagined through technology.

It is in the year of 2018 in Paris that she co-creates with the artist Ariane Jouhaud her most ambitious project, Primal Matter, in which she seeks to transform the ashes of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro (MNRJ) by the means of alchemy and chemistry.