Pedra Pintada

The series Painted Stone was realized during an artistic residency
in Cocais, a small country village on the royal road, a mining route
in the heart of the state of Minas Gerais (‘general mines’) in Brazil.

Living in the heart of the Espinha├žo nature reserve, 500 meters
from the Pedra Pintada site, a rock where there are cave paintings
of the Neolithic inhabitants of the region, I collected red clay gems,
white clay sand and yellow chalk, raw treasures that, after grinding,
were the basis for making temperas.

The work produced during this residency is largely based on the
mineral raw material of the region circumscribed by oil paint and
acrylic emulsion; a series of portraits made from images where we
see the presence of a singularity from different online forums. This
combination paints a link between two geological times, the
Anthropocene and the Neolithic.

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