Terre Perdue

A collective performance created by Bianca Dacosta, 2020. WIth Iris Medeiros, Daniel Nicolaevsky and Wesley Roque.

Plastic Skin

A collaborative video performance about the interaction of the body immersed in plastic. Created for the “Camilla Plastic Ocean Plan”, a transmedia storytelling masterclass provided by the Konrad Wolf FilmUniversity, in Babelsberg, Germany.

Cité Ardente

A performance and installation about the turf wars between children and adolescents in the outskirts of the city of Liège, a parable of life and death intersected by territory.

Done in 2018 in the center for contemporary art “Les brasseurs” (Liège – BE)


A testament of a transformative process. Realized in 2017 for the anniversary exhibition of EAV Parque Lage (Rio de Janeiro, BR)

De 7 a 0

A live performance film enacting the process of creation. A collective piece directed by Rezm Orah and done in “Es Uma Maluca” art space in Rio de Janeiro, 2015.


The grooming of a human body and creation of a pall.

A performance done for the “Seita” performance gathering in 2015.


A duo performance with Luna Jatobá for the “Rateio” performance festival.

Rio de Janeiro, 2015


A collective performance about Italo Calvino’s seven proposals for the new millenium.

Done several times between 2015 and 2017 with Luna Jatobá, Gaya Rachel, Chacal, Daniel Passati and Diego Franco for Mosca Artcom, Jardim Suspenso. Runner up for the Prague Quadriennial.