Spectral Manifest

An extract of the video played in the performance

A multimedia performance-reading created alongside Raisa Inocencio and Alice Turnbull that came to form as a modest manifestation of our take on the Tecnoshamanism movement. We used DIY resistance tools to investigate the phantom within the Brumadinho disaster, when mining exploitation killed a river in Minas Gerais, Brasil.

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Produced for the conferences cycle “Ce Qui Dépend de Nous” in the Gaite Lyrique under the curation of Marie Lechner, re-performed for the “Sauvageonnes” festival organized by the Nanaqui theater company at Mix’ir Martys in Toulouse and enacted in reading format for Radio Galoche at DOC! with Maude Bouhenic.

Video still from the Sauvageonnes! presentation

Technoshamanism is a movement that gathers, since, 2014, artists, biohackers, thinkers, activists and indigenous peoples in a free and ancestor-futirstic cosmogony, in which rituals seek to de-colonise thought and practice. The network has organized festivals, events and publications worldwide.

Debate following the performance in the Gaite Lyrique with Jens Hauser, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Isabella Aurora, Raisa Inocencio and Alice Turnbull.

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Visit the link for the conference in the Gaite Lyrique’s website:


Listen to the performance here: