things we left in the fire

I have been a part of the “Hunger” residence programme in Les Brasseurs contemporary art center in April, 2019. The residency happened in Liège, Belgium, an industrial town surrounded by a medieval wall and calm forests. It was in the span of one week that we created work inspired by the city and intertwined with our own practice.

I’ve then discovered secret spots in the woods in which groups of children, adolescent and adults claimed and built makeshift “cabannes”. It was spending a couple of hours around a cosy fire that i discovered: the church of notre dame burned. After perplexity and some words in disbelief, i start roaming towards the other end of the field, and it is then that I discover a scorched hut. The reason? Adolescent turf wars.

I bring it all into the gallery, building a structure and a tale around these bits of scorched earth.

Precarity, destruction, history and rebirth are a leitmotiv in my work, and i could see a bridge between the small personal sphere of this adolescent world and the monumental dimension of the church of all churches being burned to the ground.

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